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New On Our List

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New On Our List
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All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders
The Unnoticables
Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente
The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson
Dark Orbit by Carolyn Ives Gilman
Pathfinder Tales: Beyond the Pool of Stars by Howard Andrew Jones
Deadlands: Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry
Luna New Moon by Ian McDonald
Updraft by Fran Wilde

“The long-awaited first science fiction novel—though it’s really more of a cosmic fantasy—from Tiptree winner Valente (whose last novel
for adults was 2011’s Deathless) is a masterpiece
of storytelling, seductive
in prose and ambitious
in scope.”
Publishers Weekly,
starred review

“Smart. Brutal. Gut-wrenching. You’ll be captivated from the very first page. Dickinson is a sly, masterful writer who pulls no punches. Get ready to have your heart ripped out through your throat.”
—Kameron Hurley,
author of The Mirror Empire

Dark Orbit is intellectually daring, brilliantly
imagined, strongly felt.
This one’s a winner.”
—Ursula K. Le Guin

Mirian Raas comes from a long line of salvagers—adventurers who use magic to dive for sunken ships off the coast of tropical Sargava. When her father dies, Mirian takes over his last job:
a dangerous expedition to help a tribe of lizardfolk reclaim the lost treasures of their people.

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All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to the Deadlands, where steely-eyed gunfighters rub shoulders with mad scientists and dark, unnatural forces. Where the Great Quake of 1868 has shattered California into a labyrinth of sea-flooded caverns…and a mysterious substance called “ghost rock” fuels exotic steampunk inventions as well as plenty of bloodshed and flying bullets.

Deadlands is owned, trademark and copyright Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc, Deadlands fiction licensed exclusively by Visionary Comics, and extended
to Tor Books for prose fiction

“One of the best SF books I’ve read this year.”
—Iain M. Banks,
author of Consider Phlebas, on River of Gods

“Large mouths filled
with sharp teeth open above the towers of the city
and swallow unwary fliers whole: this book will do the same to you. A riveting new fantasy—Updraft made me miss my subway stop
more than once.”
—Steven Gould,
New York Times bestselling author of Jumper and Exo

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The Unnoticeables is
a nightmarish and hilarious tour through modern-day Hollywood, the 1970s
New York punk scene, and Robert Brockway’s own diseased mind.”
—David Wong,
New York Times bestselling author of
John Dies at the End

“What a magnificent novel — a glorious synthesis of magic and technology, joy and sorrow, romance and wisdom. Unmissable.”
—Lev Grossman,
New York Times bestselling author of The Magicians