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(Associated book: Lord of Runes)
A former thief turned bodyguard for Count Varian Jeggare, Radovan is full of street smarts and (at least in his own mind) an irresistible charm. As a hellspawn—a human with devils somewhere in his family tree—he’s considered a second-class citizen in his native Cheliax, though the identifying bone spurs and oversized jaws (what he calls his “big smile”) prove quite useful in fights. He’s fond of dressing well, especially in fancy leather jackets, and has his hands full keeping his friend Varian out of trouble.

(Associated book: Lord of Runes)
A count of Cheliax and a Pathfinder venture-captain, Varian Jeggare is obsessed with learning obscure lore and deciphering mysteries. As a half-elf, he’s lived far longer than a normal human, which only adds to his prodigious mental abilities. While a lifetime of aristocratic privilege can sometimes make him difficult to get along with, he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and head out into the field in pursuit of some noble goal or lost tome, and is quick with both a spell and a sword. Despite the difference in their respective stations, he cares deeply about his friend Radovan, even if the other man often stands between him and his beloved wine.

(Associated book:  Liar's Bargain)
Rodrick never does honest work if he doesn’t have to. Fortunately, a quick mind, glib tongue, and handsome face have made him an excellent con man, and he’s usually able to part fools from their gold wherever he goes. His best friend is the talking sword Hrym, whose ice magic regularly gets them out of scrapes, and whose love of gold surpasses even Rodrick’s own.

(Associated book: Liar's 
An intelligent sword of magical ice, Hrym has an arsenal of ice-related magical powers suitable for the greatest hero. Unfortunately for Golarion, Hrym has no interest in making the world a better place, preferring instead to do whatever lets him sleep on a bed of gold coins at night. This callousness makes him the perfect companion for his best friend Rodrick, and together the two of them roam the Inner Sea region, stealing and carousing to their hearts’ content. Hrym claims to be a relic of the ancient Shory Empire, and to have gained his personality from lying underneath a sleeping white dragon for decades—but of course, it’s hard to know how far to trust a sword who lies for a living.

(Associated book: Beyond the Pool of Stars)
Heir to a family of deep-water salvagers, Mirian left home to join the adventuring scholars called Pathfinders, only to be dragged back into the family business by her father’s death. As the daughter of a minor colonial nobleman and his native wife, Mirian occupies a strange space within her Sargavan society, neither a ruling Chelish colonial nor a full member of the indigenous Mwangi people who make up the majority of the population. Mirian, however, cares little for rules and castes, and is far more interested in leading teams of daring explorers in pursuit of ancient treasure.

Starspawn BG

(Associated book: Pirate’s Prophecy)
A former pirate, Torius Vin has since given up the life of a freebooter to become an abolitionist privateer, attacking slaver ships and freeing the prisoners. Rakish and charming, he’s intensely loyal to his crew, and especially to his lover and navigator, Celeste. The fact that Celeste is a naga—a magical snake-like creature with the head of a woman—is a sometimes inconvenient detail, but what’s a few scales when you’re dealing with true love?

(Associated book:  Pirate’s Prophecy)
As a lunar naga—a magical creature with the head of a woman but the body of a snake—Celeste doesn’t fit in well in human society, yet that hasn’t kept her from making a home with her lover, pirate captain Torius Vin, and the crew of the Stargazer. Obsessed with the stars, Celeste is a highly skilled astrologer and navigator, as well as a student of magic.

(Associated book: Bloodbound)
Larsa is a dhampir—half vampire, half human. Using her unique abilities, she hunts down rogue vampires in the gritty streets of Caliphas, helping to keep the peace between the city’s human government and the secret cabal of vampires that lurks below the city’s streets. Created and raised by the vampires’ sinister leader, she hates her vampiric kin—but doesn’t like her human associates much better.

(Associated book:  Hellknight)
Jheraal is a Hellknight: a hardbitten warrior dedicated to maintaining law and order at all costs. While she often faces prejudice for the devil blood that runs in her veins, her reputation as a veteran investigator with the Order of the Scourge causes most residents of her native Cheliax to keep their opinions to themselves. Yet all her hardened cynicism falls away when it comes to her daughter, a young hellspawn so human-looking that Jheraal gave her up to be raised by the Hellknights in hopes that she’d pass as human. While the two remain close friends, young Indrath has no idea that Jheraal is her mother—a secret Jhreaal’s determined to maintain, no matter how much it hurts.

Radovan Virholt
Count Varian Jeggre
Mirian Raas
Captain Torius
Starspawn BG

(Associated book:  Starspawn)
Once a notorious viking and pirate, Jendara has given up her raiding ways in order to retire to the cold northern islands and raise her son. Yet no matter how hard she tries to leave her history of violence behind, problems always seems to come up that only her axe can fix. Will she and the crew of the Milady ever get to lay down their arms? Or will Jendara be forced to watch her son grow up into an outlaw like her?

Starspawn BG
Starspawn BG
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Shaia "Shy" Ratani 
(Associated book:  Shy Knives)
Shaia “Shy” Ratani used to be a member of the most powerful thieves’ guild in Taldor—right up until she cheated her colleagues by taking the money and running. Now she’s determined to lie low in a sleepy frontier town, but her inability to pass up a good scam—or a pretty girl with a bag of money—seems destined to blow her cover. Between bloody-handed ex-girlfriends and new monstrous enemies, it seems like everyone wants Shy’s head on a spike.

Shiera Tristane 
(Associated book:  Reaper's Eye)
Shiera is a Pathfinder, an adventuring scholar determined to make the next big archaeological discovery. Tired of doing all the work and having more senior Pathfinders take all the credit, she’s ready to put together her own team and forever cement her fame, and her decoding of an ancient document might just be her chance. And if that means following the trail of a lost cult into the demon-haunted Worldwound—well, who ever said field work would be safe?

Gears of Faith BG

Keren Rhinn 
(Associated book:  Gears of Faith)
Keren is a defender of Lastwall, a sworn knight of the crusader goddess Iomedae. Together with her girlfriend Zae, a gnome priestess with a gift for clockwork contraptions, she’ll protect the world from the forces of evil or die trying. But when a powerful magical artifact is stolen from one of her order’s most secure facilities, she’ll need to travel to the City at the Center of the World in order to track it down, along the way facing down her greatest enemy: her own doubts.