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Dave Gross

A reformed teacher and recovering editor, Dave Gross has written novels for the Forgotten Realms, Iron Kingdoms, and Pathfinder Tales settings, along with many shorter works. His Pathfinder Tales stories featuring Radovan and the Count include the novels Prince of Wolves, Master of Devils, Queen of Thorns, King of Chaos, and Lord of Runes. Read more about him at or follow him on Twitter at @frabjousdave.

Tim Pratt

Tim Pratt is the author of the Pathfinder Tales novels Liar’s Blade, Liar’s Island, City of the Fallen Sky, and Reign of Stars, and has written numerous other novels and short stories. He has won a Hugo Award for best short story, a Rhysling Award, and an Emperor Norton Award. His books and stories have been nominated for Nebula, Mythopoeic, World Fantasy, and Stoker awards, among others. He lives in Berkeley, California, and works as a senior editor and occasional book reviewer at Locus. He blogs intermittently at and tweets at @timpratt.

Howard Andrew Jones

Howard Andrew Jones is the author of the Pathfinder Tales novels Plague of Shadows, Stalking the Beast, and Beyond the Pool of Stars, as well as creator-owned novels and a collection of short stories. His books have been honored on the Kirkus New and Notable Science Fiction List and the Locus Recommended Reading List. He serves as the Managing Editor of Black Gate magazine and blogs regularly at as well as at

F. Wesley Schneider

In addition to being the author of Bloodbound, F. Wesley Schneider is the Editor-in-Chief at Paizo Inc. and a co-creator of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Wes has a hand in nearly every Pathfinder RPG offering, but is well known for scripting a variety of horror adventures and populating Pathfinder’s various hardcover bestiaries. He’s also the creator of the gothic nation of Ustalav, the Pathfinder RPG’s realm of terror and the setting of Bloodbound.  You can follow Wes on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter (@FWesSchneider), and at

Chris A. Jackson
Liane Merciel

Liane Merciel lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she practices law, trains dogs to mix drinks and steal each other’s birthday presents, and writes stories featuring swords, castles, and the occasional exploding sea urchin. She’s the author of the Pathfinder Tales novels Nightglass, Nightblade, and Hellknight, as well as her creator-owned novels The River Kings’ Road and Heaven’s Needle

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Sam Sykes
Richard A. Knaak
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Chris A. Jackson is the author of the Pathfinder Tales novels Pirate’s Honor, Pirate’s Promise, and Pirate’s Prophecy, as well as his creator-owned Scimitar Seas novels, the Weapon of Flesh Trilogy, the Weapon of Fear Trilogy, and Dragon Dreams. His shorter works include a nautical Iron Kingdoms novella, Blood and Iron, and stories in various anthologies, including the World of Shadows Shadowrun anthology and the acclaimed Women in Practical Armor anthology. Drop by for updates or follow along as he sails the Caribbean at

Sam Sykes is the author of the Aeons’ Gate trilogy for Pyr, and the new release The City Stained Red for Orbit. He’s a popular humorous online personality with a dedicated fan base. Sam currently lives in the United States with his two hounds and, at any given time, is probably yelling at something inanimate. Learn more about Sam Sykes at or follow him on Twitter at SamSykesSwears..

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Richard A. Knaak is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 40 novels, including tie-in work for World of Warcraft, Diablo, Dragonlance, and Age of Conan, as well as his creator-owned Dragonrealms series. Learn more about Richard A. Knaak at

Gabrielle Harbowy has edited for publishers such as Pyr, Lambda Literary, and Circlet Press. She is the managing editor at Dragon Moon Press and a submissions editor at the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine. With Ed Greenwood, she coedited the award-nominated When the Hero Comes Home anthology series and Women in Practical Armor. Her short fiction can be found in such anthologies as Carbide Tipped Pens.

Gabrielle Harbowy