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Oxted Corporation is founded on Neil Oxted’s bluntly phrased beliefs that “every human should have the opportunity to raise a young ‘un,” and “life’s too short to waste it doing boring c**p.”

Hardly the glib phraseology of corporate culture, but Oxted Corporation isn’t your typical corporate giant. Put it down to the quirky Scots nature of our founder, but those two phrases infuse our corporate culture. 

Of course, it also happens to define our products. From our domestics to our heavy industrials, our classic robot designs relieve humans of the drudgery of the mundane, freeing them to…be human. To create, to innovate, and to experience the sublime.

And in a world where biological parenthood is becoming rarer, Oxted also offers the chance to experience the sublime through its Teknoids. A Teknoid delivers the joys of parenthood—and a share of parenthood’s challenges too. Parenthood is one of the things that makes us human.

Oxted isn’t your typical corporate giant, but even Oxted Corporation has a Marketing department. They asked if they could write something on this web page. They wheedled and they begged. Eventually we gave in and said they could write a slogan. Three words, max, we told them.

“Realise Your Humanity”

We kind of liked it.