Listen While You Work Out

Listen While You Work Out

Use audiobooks to motivate you to get moving! By listening to audiobooks while you work out, you'll be more likely to walk that extra mile or run a few minutes longer. Join Macmillan Audio's challenge and tell us below how many minutes you listened while being active. Enter your time every day, every week, or whenever it is convenient for you. We'll share the top listeners for the previous week every Tuesday. Then scroll down to enter our Listen While You Work Out sweepstakes!

"I hear is awesome for finding audio books to listen to while you’re working out. The idea is that you’ll work out for the extra ten, fifteen, or even thirty minutes in order to finish that next chapter of whatever you’re listening to. I’m sure it will be my best friend once I actually start training for the Brooklyn Half."

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"Looking to re-energize your sweat sessions this spring? Instead of automatically blasting our favorite tunes, we’re listening to—wait for it—audiobooks. Macmillan Audio launched its “Listen While You Work Out” campaign, aimed to help people get in shape while listening to audiobooks. We plugged into Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Secrets From The Past, and were pretty impressed with how engaged in the story we became while still busting out a quality workout...Thanks to great narration, compelling characters and intriguing plot lines, Secrets From The Past made our workouts pass in a flash. Try it for yourself—you may sweat a bit longer just to find out what happens!"

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"Macmillan books gives you this challenge: Download their audio books and workout while you listen! Don’t wait, do this now. I’ve written before about how much I love Audible books–they will change your life. And if you walk or run while you enjoy them, you’ll get healthier, too. I can’t think of a better way to make sweating more fun."

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